Friday, March 1, 2013

The Future For Us Pt.2

Brandon lay lifeless in the hospital bed hooked to so many machines that Drake couldn't stand looking at him.

"It's my fault. I should have watched him." Drake kept mumbling under his breath. He had his hands pressed against his forehead and his legs were shaking. Dried tears had stained his face. Nia, Brandon mom had rushed to the hospital as soon as she heard but collapsed at the sight of her little boy. She was now in the waiting room crying hysterically.

"Drake please, you have to be strong. Be strong for Brandon." Nicki said rubbing Drake;s back, her eyeliner was smeared from crying.

"I just, I was suppose to be his guardian. I was suppose to watch him. He was my responsibility. This always happens, I'm not ready. Just not ready." Drake said putting his head in his lap. Nicki was wondering what Drake meant when he said this always happens and that he's not ready but she knew that this wasn't the time to ask. The doctor came in holding Nia who was now shaking. Drake got up and hugged her and led her to the chair.

"Brandon has induced swelling in his brain, but with a couple hours of surgery we believe we can fix this. He may have some developmental issues such as stalking and may hit his milestones slower than kids his age but he will be alive. We just need your consent." He said turning to a sobbing Nia.

"Just save him, save my baby." Nia said clutching Drake's hand. With that the doctor summoned the nurses to come and take Brandon to the operating room. Nicki, Drake, and Nia followed behind waiting in the space outside of the waiting room. After about 3 hours Nia got tired of waiting outside and went to the hospitals church. Those questions kept rattling in Nicki's mind and as much as she knew that Drake didn't want ot hear it, she just couldn't keep it in.

"What did you mean, when you said that?" Drake's head arose from his lap when Nicki asked that.

"What do you mean?"

"When you said that this always happens, and that you weren't ready." Drake started laughing but it wasn't one of those funny laughs, it was a I can't believe you laugh.

"Really, right now. Shit Nicki. Really." Nicki just sat there with her head down while Drake stood up.

"If you really want to know then I'll tell you. I use to date this girl, Brittany, she got pregnant but I didn't think it was mine so I told her I wasn't ready and I never helped out after the baby was born. I told her I wanted a DNA test." Drake then took a deep breath.

"Two months after she was born she died in her sleep. Is that what you wanted to know!" Drake said shouting making the nurses look around the corner. Nicki then stood up and got in Drake's face.

"So you got another bitch pregnant!" Nicki said shouting in his face.

"You really wanna do this now while my nephew is in there fighting for his life!"

"Why the fuck did you get another girl pregnant ! Your such a fucking snake and I bet you were gonna keep this from me to your just-" Before Nicki could finish her sentence Drake pushed her back making her fall back. Nicki sat there on the ground stunned, while tears flowed down her face.

"Nicki i'm-" Before he could finish Nicki quickly got up and ran out of the hospital pass the doors while Drake was shouting for her. Drake had finally caught up with her in the parking deck, but it was to late. Drake watched her speed away in her car.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Future For Us Pt.1

So im posting this because i was bored because DirectTv took my mutha cluckn mtv and nickelodeon and my comedy central (which mean no tosh.o or futurama(and they having new episodes). Like wtf so im typing this on my tablet. Excuse the errors.

"Push Nicki push!" Drake said holding Nicki's while she screamed in pain. Her face was turning red and sweat was running down her face. 

"I can't. It feels like hell!"

"One more push Mrs.Graham." The doctor looked up at Nicki and motioned his hand forward to keep pushing. Nicki sat up and put all the effort she had into it. She squeezed Drake's hand until his fingers turned white and pushed.  A few seconds later a faint crying came.

"It's a...." The doctor looked up at Drake and Nicki with his face flushed.

"What?" Drake said still clutching Nicki's hand. 

"A devil!" That's when the doctor ran from the room. A red beast with little wings flew to the ceiling and started blowing fire around the room. Nicki started screaming and Drake was trying to throw stuff at it to keep it away. The devil child took his pitchfork and aimed it at Drake's head. The pitchfork was just about to pierce Drake's head when....

"Devil Child!" Drake looked at his clock that read 3:42AM. He realized that he had a dream.

"What's wrong Drake?" Nicki said siting up still half sleep.

"Nothing, I just had a bad dream. I'll tell you about it in the morning.

"Ok babe." Nicki went back to sleep and in a couple of mintues faint snoring followed.

"Damd. What was that?" Drake closed his eyes and tried to get back to sleep. He was awoken by the smell of blueberry pancakes, his favorite. He opened his eyes to see Nicki gone, probally in the kitchen. He looked at his clock which read 10:32AM. Today was him and Nicki's day off which they rarely got because of their busy schedules and Drake wanted to make the most of it. He went to the bathroom brushed his teeth, shaved, and even dabbed on the cologne that he knew was Nicki's favorite. He walked to the kitchen where Nicki was flipping the pancakes. He grabbed her by the waist and whispered in her ear.

"Morning sweetness." He kissed her neck which made her giggle.

"Morning beautiful." Nicki turned her neck a little so she could kiss Drake's lips.

"You don't deserve that kiss. You woke me up last night with your screaming. What was that about anyway?"

"You'll think I'm crazy if I tell you."

"Well then we can discuss it at breakfast. Here." Nicki handed Drake a plate of food and he went into the living room to wait for Nicki. Nicki sat next to Drake leaning her head on his chest.

"So are you gonna tell me?" Nicki said eating her pancakes without looking up at Drake.

"It's just, I don't know."

"Drake, if were gonna have a good relationship we have to be able to communicate."

"OK. So we were at the hospital, you were,uh, in labor, and when the baby came out it was a devil. That wanted to kill me." Nicki lifted her head and looked at Drake with a confused face.

"So pretty much, we had a devil kid."


"Oh." Nicki said turning back to her food.

"Why you say oh like that?"

"I mean just the thought that you even imagined us having kids makes me wonder." Nicki said resting her head in the creak of Drake's neck.

"Wonder what?"

"The future for us." Nicki said turning to Drake.

"So what do you see in our future."

"Like you said kids, maybe after we get married we-."

"Really Nicki, we have our careers I dont want to have to worry about all that I want to have my career experience then maybe 10 years later, we can see about a family expreience."

"But Drake-."

"Naw Nicki, now just aint the time."

 Drake said his eyes now connecting to Nicki's and he could see them watering. He laid his hand on Nicki's and a tear rolled down her face.

"Nicki, what's wrong." Nicki got up and ran to the bedroom and locked the door. Drake ran after her, banging on the door as he listened to her silently sobbing.

"I messed it up."

"Mess what up?" Nicki opened the door wide enough for Drake to come in. He took a seat on the bed and motioned for Nicki to come sit on his lap. He wiped the tears from her eyes and started stroking her cheek.

"Now can you tell me what's wrong." Drake asked in a whispered voice. Nicki took a deep breath then started talking.

"I never told you this but, I dated this guy, Quincy, or big Q what they called his on the streets. Me and him were in love, deep love, just like me and you. He proposed to me and I accepted. Two months after that I found out I was pregnant. I told him, he beat me, spit in my face, took my engagement ring and set it on fire, and kept denying it was his baby, even though he was the only guy I had been with in that year. He told me to get an abortion or he'll do it himself. I got the abortion and he still wouldn't take me back. Since you don't wanna have kids, I figure that if I get pregnant what will happen to our relationship."

Nicki started crying and sobbing again. Drake rubbed her back trying to get her to calm down and he felt his shirt getting wetter but he didn't care.

"Nicki, Quincy was a jerk who didn't care about you. I would never, never lay a hand on you, and there is no way you can mess up our future, I love you so much and I wouldn't have proposed to you or even spent all those years chasing after you. I love you Onika. And as far as kids go I'm sorry I was being so hesitant it's just that I don't think that we can handle them right now." Drake lifted Nicki chin up and wiped away her tears. He gently kissed her cheek then her lips.

"So you not mad?" Nicki said in a shaky voice.

"Mad? Why would I be mad? I'm mad that I wasn't the first to propose to you, and I'm mad at Quincy for doing those things to you, but mad you? That could never happen, I love you to much." Nicki rested her head on Drake shoulder.

"I love you to."


After Nicki had calmed down Drake figured they should get on with there day. Since they were in there Florida home Drake figured they should go to Disney world, considering that Nicki never wen as a child and Drake almost had a heart attack when she told him that. He had also called his half sister, Nia, who also lived in Florida and asked if his 3 year old nephew, Brandon, wanted to come. When Drake's dad left his mom and went and got another woman pregnant, it hurt him to know that his parents relationship was over but when he met his little sister for the first time, it shocked his how much they looked alike. Even when Nicki saw her she thought it was Drake's real sister.

Drake took out his phone and dialed Nia's number,

"Hey sis, is Brandon ready?"

"Yeah, he wouldn't even go to sleep last night. He so excited about going to Disney World with his uncle Drake."

"Ha. Little man to adorable. Yeah were about to head out."

"OK. Bye."


Nicki walked out the bathroom with a Hello Kitty shirt, black jeans, and pink Air Force shoes. She only had lipstick on and no makeup anywhere else, just the way Drake liked her. Drake could tell she was still kinda sad so he motioned for Nicki to come sit on his lap and held her until he felt she was comforted then led her to the car.

About 15 minutes later they pulled up to Nia's apartment that Drake had bought her. When Drake found out that her boyfriend had been abusing her, he moved her and Brandon out to Florida and left her boyfriend in Canada.

As soon as Drake and Nicki stepped to the door Brandon was already rushing out and hugging them.

"Aunty Nicki." Brandon said as he grabbed Nicki's leg. Nicki picked him up and ruffled his mini afro which.

"Brandon,  you cant just rush out the door." Nia said calling after Brandon holding his Batman book bag.

"Hey sis." Drake said pulling her into a hug.

"Hey bro."

"Guys, come on lets go." Brandon said tugging on Nicki's hand.

"You ready to go little man." Drake said picking him up.

"Yea. I wanna go see Mickey."

"Me to, I wanna get his autograph I'm a big fan." Drake said making Brandon laugh. Nicki always admired the way that Drake was with kids and she wanted to have kids with Drake, but because of her past she was always kinda skeptical.

"Ok, so we'll be back tomorrow say bye to mommy." Drake said while Brandon waved his hand.

"Bye sis."

"Bye guys."


It was about a two hour drive to Disney World but as soon as they entered the park, Nicki and Brandon were both in aw.

"Woah look at that castle." Brandon said pointing to the white castle that was on the other end of the park.

"Dang, look at that roller coaster, I am so getting on that." Nick said pointing to the Rocking Roller coaster.

"Uh oh, we got a daredevil over here." Nicki playful pushed Drake while holding Brandon's hand.

They went on the Tower of Terror, Rocking Roller coaster, Monsters Inc Movie, The Cars Play world, and more. Just as they were about to go on It's A Small World, a duck shooting booth caught Nicki's eye.

"Drake look at that giant pink squid, I want it."

"Anything for you my lady." They all walked over to the booth where Drake sat down and concentrated on the game while Nicki was focusing on Drake. Brandon was standing next to Drake when he saw the It's A Small World Ride. He didn't want to wait for Nicki and Drake so we walked into the ride himself. He saw the big line in front of him and didn't want to wait, so looked around the corner and saw a empty boat with a sign on it that said DO NOT ENTER. Brandon's mom had been teaching him words and he recognized the word ENTER, which he knew meant go in, just a Brandon was trying to reach the boat to get in a park worker yelled, but it was to late and Brandon had hit the bottom of the shallow water.

"Aw yes got it. Here ya go babe." Drake said handing Nicki the stuffed squid.

"Hey Brandon do you wanna-." Drake said asking Brandon if he wanted a squid but stopped when he realized he wasn't  there.

"Nicki where is Brandon?" Drake said looking around panicking.

"He was just right here. Oh my god."

"Brandon!" Drake said screaming at the top of his lungs. That's when a park police officer noticed him.

"What's the problem sir?"

"My nephew, I lost him, his name is Brandon Millage, he is 3, he has a Mickey Mouse shirt on, curly hair, and uhh-" Drake said trying to remember more about Brandon.

"That's enough information sir, I gonna dispatch the center right now and have a call made to all workers."

Nicki put her hand on Drake's shoulder. 

"Drake baby it's going to be ok, there going to find him,just sit down for a minute." Drake took a deep breath then sat down and put his face in his hands.

Just then a call came on the officer's walke talkie.

"Ok, 10-4. They say they found someone that fits that description in the It's A Small World ride and-" Drake got up and started running toward the ride and Nicki ran after him. When he got there all he saw were paramedics surrounding something. He pushed them back and saw Brandon laying there lifeless. Tears started to stream down his and Nicki's eyes.

"Why isn't he breathing. Someone tell me why the fuck he isn't breathing!" Drake said screaming.

"Sir he fell into the water and is unconscious but-" A paramedic said trying to move Drake back.

"Don't touch me, I'll fuck all y'all up. Somebody fix him!"

"Sir we need to get you to move back,were transporting him to Florida Regional." A paramedic said leading Drake outside of the ride. Drake immediately ran for his car and headed to the hospital.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Do You Get It

"Nicki wake up." Drake said shaking Nicki. Nicki opened her eyes slightly and looked at the clock. It read 5:04AM. Nicki tried to think why Drake would be waking her up at this time. Then it popped into her head, The Ellen Show. Nicki sat up immediately and looked over at Drake who was dripping wet with nothing but a towel on.

"I been trying to wake you for the past 10 minutes. Safaree called and told me to wake you up at 4:00 but you looked so peaceful so I decided to let you sleep in a hour." Ever since they got back from Hawaii it seemed like Nicki and Drake's relationship had grown and they were more at peace with each other.

Nicki got up and stretched her arms out and yawned. "At least you woke me up. I almost forgot about the show, I gonna make the announcement." Nicki turned back to her dresser picking up her Blackberry while Drake looked at her confused.

"What announcement?"

Nicki turned around and smacked her lips and held up her left hand.

"Um our engagement. I still haven't told the barbz." Nicki pouted her face and made puppy dog eyes.

"I can't believe you forgot."

Drake walked up behind Nicki and wrapped his arms around her.

"Baby you know I wouldn't forget being engaged to the most beautiful woman on earth." Drake started to kiss Nicki's neck and she let out a little moan that turned Drake on.

"To bad you already took a shower. I could of got in with you, but to late now." Nicki smiled and ran into the bathroom. Drake tried to run after her but Nicki slammed the door in his face and locked it.

Drake pounded on the door. "Nicki. Come on babe. I can always take two showers. Never hurt to be clean."

"Sorry babe. Nicki need her alone time."

"OK. I see that." Drake went into the closet and put on a red polo shirt with black shorts and red Adidas. When Drake came out Nicki was sitting on the bed naked putting baby lotion on. Drake couldn't stop staring at her gorgeous body. Nicki caught Drake looking and smiled at him.

"Damd Drake, do you want some of Nicki."

Drake walked over to where Nicki was sitting and sat next to her on the bed.

"No, I want all of Nicki. What time you got to be at Ellen?"

"The show doesn't start til 10 but I gotta be there at 8 to get ready."

"So we got 3 hours."

Drake pressed his lips against Nicki's and started groping her breast.

Nicki leaned down on the bed and Drake followed. He started rubbing her stomach and then moved his hand down. He let his fingers wander on her slit. He carefully put one finger in causing Nicki to take take a big gasp. He put another finger in and started pulling them in and out making Nicki moan.

"Drake,mmm,Drake." Nicki said between kisses.

Just as Drake was about to grab a condom Nicki slipped from under him and ran into the closet.

"Sorry babe, maybe later." Nicki said and locked the closet door.

"Damd." Drake said throwing the condom. Just then Nicki phone started ringing Drake's song Unthinkable. He had wrote that song for Nicki and it was the song that him and Nicki first made love to. The screen flashed Safaree.

"Hey Safaree."

"Where's Nicki?" Safaree said flat with no mood.

"Uh she's getting ready."

"Tell her i'll be there in 20 minutes. And tell her don't worry about breakfast, i'll get Starbucks."

"Ight man so do you got..." But by the time Drake started talking Safaree hung up.

"Damd. Don't say bye to a nigga then."  Drake put down Nicki's phone and walked over to the closet. He knocked on it lightly.

"Babe, Safaree said he'll be here in 20 minutes."

Nicki stood in front of a mirror in a yellow mini dress, yellow 2-inch hills, and a gold bracelet that Drake got her.

"OK babe." Nicki was looking at herself in the mirror and checked to make sure she had on her pink thongs. She knew Drake would love them.

A few minutes later Drake was sitting in the living room looking through his email on his iPhone when Nicki came down the stairs. Drake looked up and smiled at her.


Nicki looked back at him and smiled.


Nicki walked over to where Drake was sitting and placed herself on his lap.

"Are you nervous?" Drake asked Nicki rubbing her back.

"A little you know how protective my barbs are of me. They want me all to themselves."

"Oh well, they're going to have to learn to share." Drake kissed her on her cheek.

"Even though I want you all to myself." Nicki said smiling at Drake and making circles on his chest.

There was a knock at the door.

"There's Safaree. Have fun at the studio babe." Nicki kissed Drake on the lips and got off his lap and headed for the door. She waved goodbye to Drake before walking out the door. Drake had a smile on his face because he knew Nicki was about to be surprise. When Nicki opened the door Safaree stood there grinning.

"Hey Nicki."

"Hey Safaree." Nicki said trying to avoid eye contact with him. Ever since Hawaii she had been kinda skeptical of Safaree being in love with her. Safaree led her out the black SUV parked in the driveway. Safaree opened the door for Nicki to the SUV and Nicki got in on the passenger side. As soon as Safaree got in he reached into the backseat and handed Nicki a Starbucks bag and a cup of coffee.

"Here's your coffee. Whipped cream with light chocolate and cinnamon with a toasted bagel. I know how you like it."

"Thanks." Nicki said still looking down trying to avoid eye contact. Safaree noticed what she was doing and made a question look on his face.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Nicki said messing with her hand. Safaree looked over at Nicki toying with her hands.

"Nicki, I know something wrong. You always play with your hands when something wrong. Tell me." Safaree started rubbing Nicki thigh. This made Nicki feel even more nervous. Nicki shifted her body so that Safaree hand was not on her. Nicki figured she might as well as Safaree now before things got worse.

"Safaree, do you have feelings for me?"

Safaree eyes opened wide and he stared right at his dash board while Nicki's patience was growing thin.

"Safaree answer me. " Nicki said more firm. Safaree looked to Nicki and took a deep breath.

"Nicki, if I really had feelings for you I think you would know. Were friends. Friends. And that is all I want to be. Where is all this coming from?"

"It's just that me and Drake were talking and..." Safaree slammed his fist on the dashboard making Nicki look up.

"Damd it. It's always that Drake! That little nigga need to keep my name out his mouth if he know what good for him." Nicki opened her mouth as if she was about to say something but kept her mouth close. Nicki and Safaree rode in silence the next 10 minutes until they pulled up at Ellen studios. Outside the door was girls and guys dressed in pink with signs that said "Nicki We Love You" and "Mary Me Onika" and one that even said "Dricki Forever".

"Were here." Safaree said dull .Nicki put a smile on her face and greeted the barbz.

"Hi little ladybug." Nicki said while signing a crying girls CD.

"Come on Nicki." Safaree said putting his hand on Nicki's back and guiding her through the back door of the building to Nicki's dressing room. A guy with a black shirt on that in white letters said Staff said that Nicki had 20 minutes till she needed to be on stage.  Terrence was in the dressing room waiting to do Nicki's hair.

"I'm going to the lobby." Safaree said and walked off down the hallway.

"What's wrong with monkey man?" Terrence asked Nicki as she sat down in the chair.

"I asked Safaree did he have any feelings for me, and, he went crazy." Terrence just shook his head.

"I knew it. Nicki I don't know if your a little confused but this dude likes you. You can try and deny it but this guy loves you, and he'll do anything to get you." Nicki took a deep breath and tried to understand what was going on. She wanted to put Safaree at her head and focus on Ellen but could not.

"We need you on stage Ms. Minaj" Nicki took a deep breath.

"Just keep him out your mind and you'll do good. Love ya Mama." Terrence kissed Nicki's cheek and Nicki went backstage. She looked around but Safaree was nowhere.

"And now, with her new album Roman Reloaded : Pink Friday, please welcome Nicki Minaj. " The stage director signaled for Nicki to go on stage. Nicki walked on stage and was greeted by a crowd chanting Nicki. Nicki took a seat in the chair next to Ellen.

"Wow. Nicki glad to see you. You look bright today."

"Thank you Ellen. I love being here."

"Speaking of love, I love your album. I can't get Starships out of my head."

"Thanks, I had fun recording it."

For the rest of the interview they talked about the album, her videos, tours, Madonna, shoes, blogs, fans, and then the subject about Drake came up.

"So you and Drake have been seeing each other for a while."

"Yea." Nicki said smiling at the picture on the screen of her and Drake kissing backstage at a show.

"Are things getting a little more serious?"

"Maybe." Nicki said blushing.

"Well, maybe we should bring our special guest from backstage." Drake walked through the curtain and the whole crowd started screaming and yelling Dricki. Nicki got up and hugged Drake and wrapped her arms around him. They looked into each other eyes and kissed. They both walked and sat down on the couch.

"If that's not love.Awww" Ellen said smiling at the couple.

"So Drake you told my crew backstage that you had an announcement."

"Yes." Drake said nodding his head.

"Well before I get to that I have to ask first, did the Trojan break?" Drake and Nicki both started laughing.

"I mean cause it says extra strong but you know hand sanitation says it kills 99.9% of germs so."

"No Ellen, that is a silly thing to say." Nicki said in her British accent.

"Oh Drake, I bet you love that voice."

"Yeah, especially when we play British teacher." Drake said smiling at Nicki who was blushing.

"I can see who flunked out of class. Anyway back to the point so Drake do you want to make the announcement?"

"Yes." Drake clapped his hands and the lights dimmed and a guy with a violin came out. Drake grabbed Nicki's hand and smiled at her.

"Me and Nicki have been dating a long time and were ready to take this to the next level," Drake took Nicki's hand and stood up with Nicki standing up to and smiling.

"Me and Nicki would both like to say,"

"Were getting married." Nicki and Drake said at the same time. Nicki reached in and kissed Drake and Drake inserted his tounge into her mouth. He pulled back and picked her up and spun her around.When Drake put her back on the ground Nicki was facing away from the audience and out of the corner of her eye she could see Safaree with a mean mugged face. Nicki didn't want to draw attention to Safaree so she looked away and kissed Drake again.

"And there you have it, the next Beyonce and Jay-Z all we need now is Baby Blue, how about Baby Pink or Pink Sky?" Nicki and Drake both looked at Ellen smiling and then looked back at each other. They kissed again but she still could not get the thought of Safaree out of her head.

Safaree was the kinda of guy who gets what he wants, no matter the cost.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Angel Lips

*********READ FIRST********

Forty sat in the corner of Drake's living room with his Beats on and watching on his labtop watching the "Right By My Side" video.

"Damd. Drake check this out." Drake lifted his head up from his Iphone and looked over Forty shoulder.

"What is it - " Drake eyebrows raised when he saw Nicki and Nas kiss. Forty couldn't help himself from laughing.

"Dang Drake, Nas gets kissed, Wayne gets kissed, and what does Drake get, a pity lap dance." 

"Bruh, that lap dance was good." Drake said trying to cover his embarrassment. 

"Naw see, a hug leads to a kiss, a kiss leads to a bed, a bed leads to undressing, and I think you know where the story goes." Forty said still laughing.

"Man whatever." Drake walked away and started scrolling through his contacts until he came to Nicki's name.

Hey Nic

Hey Drizzy

So you and Nas...?

Lol that was just for show

Oh... yea

Drizzy are you jealous

Naw.. It's just what about the MFL video

I didn't want to cause a big thing

You kissed Nas tho?

Drake do you really want a kiss

Well it would be nice.. Not begging tho

Mhm... Well am I still going to be at your concert

Of coarse

Well.... maybe you'll get lucky..not in that way tho

OK....looking forward to it.. night lovely

Night beautiful


Nicki was walking through the backdoor where pink roses sat at a table with a card with red lips on it that read "Waiting for an angels kiss - Drake" .

"He is so sweet" Nicki said smiling at the roses. Just then someone knocked on the door. Nicki opened the door and it was Drake. Drake wrapped his arms around Nicki and Nicki did the same thing back.

"So glad you here."

"I'm glad I'm here. Oh. and thanks for the roses."

"Anything for you angel. I gotta go get ready but see you in a while." Drake said cupping her cheek in his hand.



"Nicki you were amazing out there. No wonder they kept asking for an encore." Drake said wiping the sweat off his forehead.

"You were great to babe." 

Drake grabbed Nicki's hands and pulled her in closer.

"I'm really glad you came tonight." Drake said with his voice getting lower.

"I'm glad I came to, or else I couldn't go this." Nicki leaned towards Drake and wrapped her arms around his neck. She sucked on his bottom. Drake inserted his tongue into Nicki's mouth. He grabbed her thighs and pulled them up so that he had Nicki wrapped around his waist. Drake then pushed both of them against the wall. Their moment was interrupted when Forty came down the hall.

"Damd Drake, I said a kiss, not intercourse." Nicki tried to hide her face behind her hand while Drake was just looking at the floor. 

"Shit, whatever, I'm going to the tour bus."

"Well that was more than a kiss." Nicki said with her cheeks blushing.

"Yeah, but I liked it." 

"Me to."

"So I'll guess I'll text you later." Nicki said walking back to her dressing room.


"Bye Drizzy." Nicki said shutting the door.

"Bye Nicki, Angel lips."


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love That Body

"Come on Drake. Were gonna miss the plane." Nicki said yelling to Drake upstairs.

"Coming babe, i'm coming." Drake said while trying to carry five suitcases, four which were Nicki's, down the stairs. In his right hand he had two medium pink suitcases, on his shoulder he had a pink carry on bag, in his other hand were two more pink suitcases, and over his other shoulder he had a black Adidas bag which was his.

"This is a Kodak moment." Nicki said smiling at him.

"You know you could help." Drake said trying to watch his step.

"Hey, I offered and you said, no, i'm a gentleman. So keep it up gentleman." Nicki said mocking Drake's voice to make it sound high pitched.

"My voice is not that high pitched. It's deep and sexy." Drake said finally arriving to the end of the steps.

"The sexy part is right but I don't know about deep."

"Oh, so we playing that." Drake said grabbing Nicki by her waist and pulling her closer to him.

"Baby you know I got balls." Drake said licking his lips getting closer to Nicki.

"Oh really." Nicki said leaning in closer to Drake lips. Just as Nicki and Drake were about to kiss, Nicki grabbed Drake's ball sack making him squeal.

"I told you. High pitched voice. Now come on." Drake was still looking at Nicki stunned as she walked out the house with her rolling suitcase and pink carry on.

"Damd that girl got a good grip. Feisty. I like it." Drake said smiling. He grabbed the rest of Nicki's stuff and his and walked out the house.


As Nicki and Drake got off the plane they were greeted by buff guys in pink skirts and pink hats, with pink beads around their neck and straw on their ankles.

"Welcome to Hawaii!" They said as Nicki could not control her laughter.

"Oh my god. You guys are gorgeous. Wait I have to get your picture." Nicki pulled out her blackberry and took a picture.

"I gotta show my barbs."

Pussies is throbbin. Like... #DeadDaFuckAss. I'm movin to Hawaii. 


"Nicki!" Nicki looked over to see Anthony Mandler heading for her.

"Anthony." Nicki said hugging him.

"I haven't seen you since the Super Bowl. How are you?"

"Good Anthony. Can't believe i'm finally working with you."

"I know right."  Nicki looked over and saw Drake standing behind Anthony.

"Oh yeah. Anthony you remember Drake. You did alot of videos with him." Drake reached out and shook Anthony hand.

"Good to see ya again."

"Nice to see you again. I loved Take Care."

"Nice to know." Drake said with a smile.

"Yeah my favorite song is H.Y.F.R. I just love the chorus. Hell yeah, Hell yeah, Hell yeah. Fucking right. Fucking right. Alright. You are amazing."

"Thanks. I do it for the fans." Drake said trying to hold his laughter in.

"OK, so Nicki you need to be out at set in about four hours which is over there where their setting up and your outfit is in your dressing room which is in front of the hotel in the trailers. Terrence said he should be here in a while and some guy named Safaree said he was on his way. Whatever. But anyway. It's Hawaii, party,  get drunk, have sex. Do whatever. Bye." Anthony said walking to where they were putting up the set.

"You heard him. Party, get drunk, have sex." Drake said raising his eyebrows and smiling.

"Maybe we can see about that later."

Nicki grabbed Drake's hand and they walked to the trailer that was parked in front of the hotel. They walked to the one that read NICKI MINAJ in big pink letters on the side of it. They opened the door to see Terrence and Safaree waiting. Safaree had a huge box siting on his lap. As soon as they walked in the door Safaree got up and hugged Nicki making her let go of Drake's hand and pushing Drake back a little bit.

"Welcome to Hawaii." Safaree said smiling.

"Umm, Thanks Safaree but this isn't my first time here."

"Yeah I know but still, welcome." Safaree looked over Nicki's shoulder and saw Drake. Drake smiled at Safaree but Safaree just shot Drake a mean mugged look.

"OK, Safaree you can let go now." Nicki said trying to get out of Safaree's grasp.

"Oh my bad. But um, hey I got you a cake. " Safaree got the white box that was sitting on his lap from the counter and opened the box to reveal a white cake that had Nicki's picture from the single Starships.

"Thanks Safaree, even though I can't eat it. Diet." Nicki said looking a little disappointed.

"Well it's the thought that counts." Safaree said smiling.

"If you guys are done with this we need to get headed over the makeup and wardrobe." Terrence said still staring at his Iphone.

"OK, I gotta stay here and do some mixing for the CD, but go and have fun." Safaree said grabbing his Mac off the counter and heading to the couch. He put his Red Dr.Dre headphones on and begain mixing. Nicki grabbed Drake's hand and walked out the door.

"Come on Terrence." Nicki said signalling him to come on.

"Um I'll be there in a minute."

" OK." Nicki and Drake walked out the door leaving Terrence and Safaree alone.

"What the fuck is wrong with you." Terrence said looking over at Safaree who just looked at Terrence but couldn't hear him.

"Take this shit off." Terrence said ripping the headphones off of Safaree and throwing them on the chair next to them. Safaree looked up at Terrence confused.

"What the hell man?"  Safaree said yelling at Terrence.

"What the hell man? Naw you stand here trying to flirt with Nicki while her man is right there. You real fucked up man. Then try and buy her this cake hoping that she will finally fuck ya ass only to be denied. You got a real fucked up head man."

"What are you talking about?" Safaree who was now standing up said while looking Terrence right in his eye.

"You know. You been trying to get with Nicki for the past three years. Everybody has noticed except Nicki who just looks at you as a friend. And then when she gets with Drake you get more scared so you try amping up your game only for it to fail, and now that she's getting married to him, who knows what your gonna do." Safaree stood still staring at Terrence as his words hit him.

"OK, and if I am trying to get Nicki what's wrong with that?"

"She has a man, and she's happy with him. And if you really loved her you would let her live her life and be happy."

"But she's suppose to be happy with me. Not some Canadian boy who just came out of no where. I known Nicki the longest and she should be happy with me!" Safaree said pionting at himself.

"Look all I'm saying is that you need to stay out of Nicki's life. If she wanted you should would have got you." Terrence said walking out the door.

"I'm gonna stay out of her life alright. I just gotta take Drake out of it first." Safaree said grabbing his headphones and sitting back down at his labtop.


"Do you think Safaree likes me?" Drake said asking Nicki as they walked over to trailer.

"Yeah. He seems cool when he's around you."

"Naw, I think he just tolerates me cause i'm with you. You see the way he was looking at me when he hugged you?"

"What did he look like?"

"He looked like he was ready to fuck me up."

"Awww, Drake, it's OK you don't have to hide it." Nicki said looking up at him and smiling.

"Hide what?" Drake stoped walking and looked at Nicki who was still smiling. Nicki put her hand on Drake's cheek and looked him in the eye.

"Your jealous."

"Jealous. Really you think i'm-, oh my god." Drake eyes were wide as he could not believe what Nicki had said. He had never been jealous of Safaree, he knew Nicki and them were best friends and Nicki treated Safaree like a friend but to Drake Safaree seemed to want to be more.

"It's ok babe."

"Nicki i'm not jealous. Have you ever noticed that when i'm around Safaree always want to get close to you and hug up on you. You may think he's just being friendly but I know love when I see it, and Safaree is in love with you." Drake let go of Nicki's hand.

"Drake really. I think I would know if someone was in love with me. I known Safaree a long time and he would never consider me to be more than a friend."

"Nicki you really do have a hard time figuring out that people love you. It took you two years to figure out that I loved you. After I said it in my songs, said it in interviews, and what about that kiss at the NYC concert? You kinda do have a hard time because you want to look at everybody as your friend but sometimes they don't look at you the same way." Nicki looked at Drake and tried to think about what he said but it just didn't add up in her mind. Her and Safaree dating? No way.

"Just come on babe we can talk about this later. I gotta go get ready for the video." Nicki held out her hand and Drake graciously took it. They walked to the make up and wardrobe trailer where Terrence was waiting.

When Nicki and Drake entered the trailer Terrence was sitting on the couch still anger about the argument that him and Safaree had just had.

"Hey Terrence, what's wrong with you?" Nicki said noticing that Terrence was making the face he always makes when he's anger. Lips poked, fists balled up, loud breathing.

"That big ass gorilla you call a friend."

"Are you talking about Safaree?" Terrence got up and went over to his styling bag.

"You know what forget. I'm in Hawaii and i'm not going to upset you or even myself. C'mon on let me do your hair." Nicki sat down in the chair and looked in the mirror.

"Why does no one like Safaree. Is he really a bad guy?" Terrence looked at Drake who was sitting behind him on the couch and shook his head Drake nodded knowing that he shouldn't say anything about Safaree.

""Um, Nicki ,C'mon were in Hawaii. This is like a vacation. Don't worry about anything else and have fun." Drake said trying to calm Nicki and get her mind off Safaree. Nicki tried to just ease her mind and focus on the video and Hawaii.

"OK your right, I'm just gonna focus on the video and having fun." Even though Nicki knew she should stop worrying about Safaree something kept her mind on it. Did Safaree really love Nicki?


After Terrence got done with Nicki hair she and Drake went next door to the wardrobe trailer. Just as Drake was about to walk into the trailer Nicki stopped him and blocked the doorway.

"You can't come in here. I want my outfit to be a surprise." Nicki smiled and shut the door in Drake's face. Drake could do nothing but grin. He saw a chair outside of the trailer and sat down. After a couple of minutes Safaree came walking out of the trailer that he was in.

"Where's Nicki?" He said without even looking at Drake.

Drake didn't want to tell him where Nicki was, so that Nicki could clear her mind of him and just focus on other things besides him.

"Umm, I think the crew went to the hotel to shoot a couple more scenes. I just came back up here cause my mom was calling me." Drake said pulling out his phone. Drake knew the hotel was a long walk from where they were and hoped that it kept Safaree occupied long enough for him to miss the video shoot.

"OK, Whatever. Mama's boy." Drake just smiled at Safaree as he walked the path to the hotel.

"Bitch ass nigga." Drake mumbled under his breath. Just then Nicki came out of the trailer with a pink robe on.

"So when do I get to see what's under that robe?" Drake said grabbing Nicki's hand.

"When we get to the shoot which is down by the beach."

"Well c'mon." Drake said while trying to walk fast to get to the shoot. When Drake and Nicki finnally arrived there were tents and lights set up everywhere.

"Nicki! Nicki! We need you over here." Anthony said while waving his hands to get Nicki's attention.

"You can just take off your robe in the tent next to you." Anthony said while pointing to the black tent next to them. Drake and Nicki walked into the tent while Nicki looked in the mirror.

"Hey, you heard him. Time to take it off." He said biting his lips.

"Fine, but you have to close your eyes and don't open them till I tell you to."

"Good with me." Drake closed his eyes while Nicki took off her pink robe to reveal a pink bikini underneath. She turned away from the mirror to face Drake.

"OK, open your eyes." Drake's eyes went huge when he saw Nicki.

"Damd, you are fine. Don't be surprised if I get a boner. Give me the whole 360." Drake took Nicki's hand and twirled her around.

"I am so honored to be your king."  Drake said getting closer to Nicki.

"And I am honored to be your queen." Drake and Nicki's lips brushed together and then Nicki put her arms around Drake deepening the kiss. Drake reached down and squeezed her butt making Nicki break away from the kiss and look up smiling at Drake.

"You are a very dirty king. Now, C'mon." Nicki said while pulling Drake's arm to the set while his eyes were fixed on her ass.

"OK, Nicki we need you to lay down on your back right here, and look into this camera, and sing the chorus to Starships, got it." Anthony said while explaining to Nicki what to do.

"Yeah." Nicki laid down on the sand and did what Anthony told her. Then the music started and Nicki started to sing the chorus.

"Starships were meant to fly, hands up and touch the sky, can't stop cause were so high, let's do this one more time." Nicki sang while moving her body to the music.

"Man, I gotta get a picture." Drake took out his phone and took a picture of Nicki.

Who knew angels were this beautiful. You have to love that body. Only @NICKIMINAJ


"Alright everbody that's a wrap." Anthony yelled out and everybody started clapping. Nicki got off the ground and wiped herself off with a towel. Drake came and wrapped his arms around her.

"You were great. I know the barbz are gonna love the video."

"Mhhh, well now that the video is over, maybe we can have our own fun on the beach." Nicki took Drake's hand and led him back to the tent where Drake's bag was and Nicki's phone. Once they got in the tent, Nicki went in Drake's bag and grabbed her blackberry and tossed herself on the couch.

"Uh,no you didn't." Nicki was looking through her twitter tweets and saw the one that Drake had posted.

"What I do?" Drake said with his eyebrows raised.

"I think you know. But it's whatever." Nicki posted a retweet to Drake's retweet.

Even when I'm dirty. But u like dirty right. :P RT @Drake Who knew angels were this beautiful. You have to love that body. Only @NICKIMINAJ.

Drake's phone buzzed twice meaning that Nicki had tweeted. Drake picked up his phone and read the tweet.

"Your right I do like it when your dirty." Drake said while he walked over to where Nicki was laying and sat next to her.

"Did you bring your trunks?"


"Go put them on, I wanna go swimming." Nicki said pointing to Drake's Addias bag. Drake got up and pulled out his Spider man swimming trunks.

"Really? Spider Man." Nicki said trying to hold back her laughter.

"Well, everyone has a kid in them." Drake said sticking his tongue out at Nicki who was holding her stomach trying to calm her laughing. Drake took off his shorts to reveal his man hood which excited Nicki. Her eyes got wide and she licked her lips.

"Damd. Well I know which part of you isn't a kid anymore."

"Hey no looking that's for later." Drake said quickly putting his trunks on to cover up his man hood.

"Ok, you ready to go." Drake said holding out his hand waiting for Nicki to grab it.

"Carry me." Nicki said stretching out her arms. Drake smiled at her and picked her up. Drake carried her out the tent and all the way down to the beach. Once they got to the beach Drake started quickly running to the water and holding Nicki out in front of him. He ran strait into the water and dumped Nicki right in the water.

"Ugh, Drake!" Nicki said standing up in the water and shaking the water out her hair. Drake was laughing and running towards the shore trying to get away from Nicki who had an evil grin on her face.

"Come here Drake." Nicki said and she took off after Drake. After a while Drake got tired of running and as soon as he stoped Nicki jumped on his back. Drake and Nicki wrestled and in the process Nicki removed Drake's shorts. Realizing what had done, Nicki had Drake's shorts in her hand and she was staring at Drake's manhood. Drake had realized what had happened and began to stare down to. Nicki then started to smile her evil grin again.

"You want these, well your gonna have to catch me." Nicki then took off towards the shore. By the time that Nicki reached the shore Drake had already scooped and was heading towards a beach blanket laid out.

"Drake put me down." Nicki said laughing and punching Drake's chest.

"Drake stop. Put me- " Drake laid Nicki on the beach towel and as soon as her body hit the ground Drake's lips crashed into Nicki's. Drake started to untie Nick's bikini in the back. Drake got it off and started to lick her breasts. He made his way down to her naval and stoped at her pantys. He could sense how moist she was and didn't hesitate. He took her underwear off with his teeth and threw them aside. Drake tongue went right to her core.

"Damd Drake." Nicki moaned as she ruffled through Drake's curly hair. Drake could taste her juices and knew she was getting close to her climax. Drake didn't want her to come yet so he lifted his head up and reached into his Spider man shorts which were next to Nicki and reached into the pocket and pulled out a Magnum. He slipped it on and ramed right into Nicki's core making  her take a gasp and furrow her brow.

"Sorry." Drake said while trying to keep a beat with Nicki's body and his. Drake could feel Nicki getting tighter and it was making it harder to go in and out.

"Time for the Drizzy Three Stroke." Nicki looked up at Drake who was grinning and bit her lip. The first one had Nicki moaning. The second one had her biting her lip tightly.

"Drake, I love you!" Nicki screamed out on the third one. After a couple more strokes Nicki came and Drake followed afterward. Drake fell back on the towel next to Nicki who was breathing heavily. They booth were looking beyond the ocean and at the beautiful sunset that was happening.

"Drake." Nicki said softly still trying to catch her breath.


"What if we have it here." Drake sat up and used her arm to prop him up.

"Have what here?" Drake asked. Nicki propped herself up with her hand.

"Our wedding. I know it's a little corny to have your wedding in Hawaii, but it's just so beautiful. Look at it." They both looked off into the distance to see the sun setting. Drake smiled and looked at Nicki.

"A beautiful beach, for a beautiful wedding, for a beautiful bride." Drake leaned over and kissed Nicki. They both wrapped up in the blanket and drifted off to sleep dreaming out the wedding.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Malibu, Santa, or Bust

"Nicki come on." Drake said yelling into the walk in closet where Nicki was standing in boy shorts and a wife beater.

"I'm coming I just gotta find the right blouse. I have to look my best." Nicki said looking through the racks of clothes that laid in front of her.

"Babe you always look your best without even trying."  Nicki just looked at Drake and suck her teeth.

"Drake unlike you I am a girl, which means that I can't just put on a polo, some shorts and shoes, and some axe and just walk out the house. I have to look beautiful. "

Drake walked up to the mirror in the closet and looked at himeself

"So what, you saying all this ain't beautiful."  Nicki looked over and half smiled at Drake.

"Well if you take this shirt off maybe we can see about that." Nicki said rubbing Drake's stomach. Drake grabbed her hand and inter winded it with his.

"Maybe we can see about that when we get back home. Right now we gotta get to the wedding planner." Drake kissed her hand and walked out the closet. Nicki put on her blue blouse and black leggings and some black boots and headed out the closet. Drake was siting on the bed.

"Gorgeous." Drake said getting up and grabbing her hand.

"This way my princess." Drake said leading her down to the garage and leading them to his white Ferrari and then they drove away.


"Is this is?" Nicki said looking up at the door.

"Office 142, Mrs. Cletha Mayers. Yep this it." Drake opened the door which led to a waiting room with blue chairs and pictures of wedding dresses and tuxes along the walls. Drake walked over to the sign in desk where a woman with a white blouse looked up at him.

"Uh yeah, I have a appointment with Mrs. Mayers, it should be under Aubrey Graham."

The women looked down at her labtop and typed in Drake's name.

"Yea, you'll be next right after the next couple. You can just have a seat."

"Thanks."  Drake walked over to where Nicki was sitting reading a wedding dress book.

"Good book." Drake said looking at what Nicki was reading.

"Yeah babe. Look at this dress. Diamond waist band with tiara. Perfect." Nicki said pointing to a dress on the page.

"Yeah perfect enough to break the bank. 60,000 dollars, really?"

"I would cherish it forever." Nicki said looking up at Drake and grinning.

"That's what you have me for." Drake said returning the grin.

Just then a couple burst out of Mrs.Mayers office.

"Why do you have to be so selfish." A woman yelled at a man who was speed walking ahead of her.

The man stoped and turned around.

"Selfish, you want to spend 30,000 on a horse, and I'm the one being selfish. That horse better shit out gold bricks."

"Well maybe if you thought about someone else besides yourself..."

"I am thinking of someone besides my self, I'm thinking of our future, which we won't have unless you stop spending money like your fucking queen of England."

"The only reason I am spending so much money is because this is suppose to be our special day. And if this is how your gonna act now, then I don't want a future with you."

The woman walked out the door slamming it in the man's face while the man mumbled under his breath "Women. Crazy." and walked out the door.

"Drama." Nicki said looking at the door.

"Don't blame him though. 30,000 for a horse. Yeah right." Nicki looked up at Drake and smacked her lips.

"She just wants their day to be special."

"Special is when their living out a cardboard box." Nicki elbowed Drake.

"Ouch! What I say?" Nicki just shook her head at Drake.

Just then a woman came out the office that the couple had just came out of. She had on a short white mini dress and some black 3 inch heels.

"Uhh, Aubrey Graham and Onika Maraj."

Drake stood up and took Nicki's hand.

"Hey, I'm Aubrey." Drake said shaking her hand.

"Onika." Nicki said shaking her hand to.

"Nice to meet you two, you can just step into my office." She said motioning to her office.

In her office were two big black chairs seated in front of a white desk with a black chair behind it. The walls were white with black stripes going down them. Nicki and Drake took a seat while Mrs.Mayers took a seat at the big black chair behind her desk. She pulled out a big black notebook labeled CALIFORNIA LOCATIONS.

"So what were you two thinking for your wedding. Something traditional, or outside the box?" Mrs.Mayers said looking through the book. Nicki glanced up at Drake and looked back at Mrs.Mayers.

"We don't know yet be we are sure we want it outside."

"OK, so would it be a beach wedding or just a outside event?" She said getting out a piece of paper and taking notes.

"A beach one. I always wanted it to be on a beach."

"Well, their are many options to choose from, such as Carolyn, Pelican Inn, Santa, Malibu..."

"Santa or Malibu. I want it at one of those places." Nicki said nodding her head.

"And that's why were here. On our next appointment we go visit both and then you can choose which one you want. Now what about you Mr.Graham, you seem quiet."

"Anything my princess wants, I'll get it. Now, how much do you think all this is going to cost?"

Nicki looked at Drake and smacked her lips. Drake turned to Nicki and smiled at her.

"You know I love you babe."

Drake then turned back to Mrs.Mayers.

"So how much did you say this was gonna cost."

Nicki rolled her eyes and turned around so that she wasn't facing Drake.

"Well we don't have all the full details yet, but for the both location we go to a starting fee around, 55,000 a hour."

"Oh." Drake said with his eyes wide and looked down at the floor.

"Is their a problem, Drake?" Nicki said putting extra strength on the word Drake.

"I mean that's alot of money."

"But it's okay with you right."

"But Nicki that's alot of money for just one day."

"But you want it to be special right."

Drake sat their with his mouth open and then just looked down.

"OK, so we can schedule you two next week on Wednesday at 2. And you can take this folder with you to look over the locations." Mrs.Mayers handed Nicki a blue folder with the title NICKI AND DRAKE WEDDING on it. "And it was nice meeting you two."

"Thank you." Nicki said getting up and walking to door. Drake was still sitting there staring at the floor. Nicki turned around and snapped her fingers. Drake quickly picked his head up.

"Come on Drake."

"Coming" Drake said getting up and shaking his head knowing that he wasn't going to win this argument.


"Nicki we have to talk about this." Drake said adjusting his grip on the wheel.

"What talk about how you rather be cheap than make me the most happiest person in the world."

"Nicki it's not like that...."

"No Drake it is like that. You rather spend 250,000 on a fucking car. I get it though, really I do." Nicki sat back in the seat with her arms folded and she took a deep breath.

"I'm not winning this fight am I?"


"Well can I say something?"

"What?" Nicki said turning her head to the window.

"The reason I'm not trying to spend so much money is because i'm thinking of our future."

Then Drake said something that he knew Nicki would love to hear.

"I'm thinking about our kids." Nicki turned her head.

"So you want to." Drake looked back at her and smiled "Yea"

Nicki reached over and hugged Drake. "I'm sorry Drake, it's just I want this day to be special for both of us."

Drake started to feel bad for using kids as a excuse for not wanting to pay that much.

"You know what Nicki, no. This is your special day and I will pay and do whatever to make it the best day ever."

Nicki looked up at Drake smiled.

"I love you.

Nicki and Drake arrived to their house. Drake went around to Nicki's door and opened it. Drake then took Nicki and carried her in the house. They stopped at the door while Drake gently pressed both him and Nicki's lips together.

"I love you queen."

"I love you king."

"May I kiss you again?"

"Maybe you can do a little more than that." Nicki said tugging on Drake's shirt.

"I'm gonna show you what love is tonight" Drake opened the door and him and Nicki went inside and showed each other how strong their love was.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just Gorgeous

Drake woke up to see Nicki standing in the bathroom reading his note. He looked over and smiled.

"Good morning princess."

Nicki looked over at Drake and smiled.

"Good morning my prince." Nicki said walking over to the bed and getting on Drake's lap.

"So I guess you got my note."

"Yes and I loved it."

"I know you would." Drake leaned forward to try and kiss Nicki but she pushed her hand over his mouth.

"No you still have morning breath." Nicki said looking down and smiling at Drake.

"Nicki i'm sorry for yelling at you last night. It's just when he said that I wasn't the one for you I knew he was wrong." Drake said with his most sincere voice.

"I'm sorry for not saying anything. It's just he's been looking out for me forever and telling him to leave me alone up is like saying I don't want you to protect me anymore. Even though I have my strong man right here." Nicki said rubbing Drake's abs.

"All is forgiven. All is forgot." That's when Drake heard Nicki's stomach growling Nicki and Drake both looked down at Nicki's stomach.

"Damd. Somebody's hungry. You want me to cook." Nicki face made a uneasy look.

"Are you sure about that babe?"

"C'mon Nicki have some faith in me." Drake said looking into her eyes.

"I do it's just I don't feel like visiting the emergency room today." Drake just rolled his eyes.

"Just give me a chance Nicki. Let this be your day. The princess's day." Drake said with a big smile.

"Okay. But make sure the fire extinguisher is close to you."

"Will do Marshall Minaj. Oh and we got a appointment with the wedding planner at 3." Drake then got up and headed for the kitchen. Right before he got out the door he turned around and ran to the bed and kissed Nicki.

"Still got my kiss." Drake said walking away smiling and Nicki just shook her head and smiled.


Drake was trying his hardest to make sure he didn't burn any of the food and rushing around at the same time while Nicki just sat on the couch laughing. Drake took the bacon off the stove right before it got to black and in the process burning his hand.

"Shit!" Drake said holding his redden hand and turned to look at a laughing Nicki.

"You have to use a mitten dummy." Nicki said holding her stomach laughing.

"Then you come show me."

"Okay I will." Nicki said getting off the couch and heading into the kitchen.

"You have to get the mitten and do it like this." Nicki said putting on the mitten and grabbing the sausage off the stove. Drake came up behind her and wrapped him arms around her waist.

"You might be good at cooking but I'm good at alot of things to." Nicki turned around and looked at Drake.

"And what would that be?"

"We'll i'm good at rapping, writing, singing , and this." Drake grabbed Nicki's hips and pulled him closer to her and started kissing her. Nicki opened her mouth and gave Drake access to her tongue. Drake lifted Nicki onto the counter and started grabbing her ass. Nicki started moaning and grabbed Drake in for a deeper kiss. Their make out session was interrupted by the fire alarm beeping and the smell of smoke.

"Oh shit!" Drake said pulling back from Nicki and grabbing the fire extinguisher and putting out the small fire on the stove.

"You managed to burn something." Nicki said hopping off the counter and laughing at Drake getting the burnt pancakes off the stove.

"It's your fault." Drake said picking up the dark brown pancakes.

"How is it my fault?" Nicki said trying to hold her laugh.

"You and your amazing body. It's hard to resist." Drake said flashing his smile at Nicki.

"Or you could just be a bad cook." Drake looked at Nicki and squinted his eyes.

"Whatever. I'm guessing that you don't want burnt pancake hearts for breakfast."

"Not really. We can just eat heart shaped eggs."

"I don't know about that. Are you sure you ain't gonna eat no sausage?" Drake said smiling.

"No I .... your a nasty ass." Nicki said smiling to Drake.

Drake fixed him and Nicki a plate of bacon, eggs, toast with jelly, and orange juice. Him and Nicki sat in the living room with Nicki sitting on his lap and talking about the wedding.

"We are not inviting your cousin Harris." Nicki said smiling at Drake

"Nicki he said he was sorry."

"Drake he slashed everyone's tires just because he didn't get the first piece of cake at your birthday party."

"But he's always been there for me, sorta. Not really. OK point proven."

"What about my aunt Kila?"

"You mean the one with the lazy eye and tried to stab me with a fork in Trinidad? Hell no." Drake and Nicki said laughing.

"Her name even sounds like killer. Ki-la. Kil-a. Kila. She's a killer."  Drake said making air quotations.

"She not a killer she just a little fucked up in the head." Nicki said making crazy gestures.

"A little? Tell that to my neck." Drake said pointing to his neck. Nicki leaned over and kissed it.

"Is it better now you big baby."

"Yes. Yes it is." Drake said in a whiny voice

"So is this black formal or are you going to put that Nicki twist on it? Like pink everything. Pink suits. Pink flowers. Pink dress. Pink clouds to." Drake said laughing while Nicki just gave him a smirk.

"I don't know I love pink but not that much. I already know I want a white dress. That is a must have and you mister, black formal." Nicki said tugging at his collar.

"I can go with that. Black is my style anyway." Drake said in a cocky voice. Nicki just rolled her eyes.

"Anyway who's the best man?"

"Forty. That's a no brainer. What about you?"

"I don't know yet. I got to many girlfriends who are close to me. I'll decide later."

"So where is it going to be?"

"I want it outside. Like on a beach or somewhere."

"Like a beach in L.A.?"

"Yeah that will be cool. Just see the palm trees blowing and the ocean behind us and you in your fine ass tux. That will be perfect."

"And I get to see you walk down the isle in your wedding dress and you start to cry and then seeing you cry will make me cry and seeing us crying will make my mom and your mom start crying and...."



"Have you even told your mom about us?"  Nicki said sitting up and tilting her head, looking at Drake.

"I told her that I bought a  ring."

"But you didn't tell her about the wedding."

"Well I thought when I told her I bought a ring she thought that I had bought an engagement ring meaning that she knew we were getting married."

"Drake what exactly did you say to her?"

"Well she called me about a week before I proposed and I was out at the store with Forty picking out a ring and she called and asked what I was doing and I said shopping for a ring and then she asked how me and you were doing and I said good. I guess she never put the two together."

"So I told my mom and you still haven't told your's?"

"Well technically you didn't tell your mom, Jalani did."

"Whatever Drake." Nicki said getting off his lap and going to put the plates up.

"Nicki what if I tell her now." Drake said helping Nicki load the dishes in the dishwasher.

"And how are you going to do that isn't she in Toronto?"

"I'll call her."

"Oh Drake your so romantic, what are you going to do next Skype our wedding?" Drake just let out a half smile.

"Whatever. Just come over here so we can call her." Drake said sitting down in the chair and motioning for Nicki to come sit on his lap.

"Hand me my phone." Nicki handed Drake his I phone and Drake dialed his mom's number. The dial tone came on.

"Hello." Drake's mom said over the phone.

"Hey mom."

"Hey Aubrey" Nicki giggled in the background she thought it was cute the way Drake mom still called him Aubrey.

"Shut up." Drake said to Nicki in the background

"Who that in the background Aubrey?"


"Hey Mrs.Grahm"

"Oh hello Nicki. Aubrey don't tell Nicki to shut up."

"Yes mam." Drake looked over at Nicki who had a huge smile on her face.

"So what did you need Aubrey?" Drake took a huge breath.

"Remember when you called and asked me what I was doing and I said buying rings."


"Well I was buying engagement rings. Me and Nicki are getting married."

"Oh My Gosh! I always knew you two would get married. You two will make beautiful grandchildren and they will be just gorgeous." Drake mom shirked over the phone.

"Thanks mom I gotta go but I'm gonna call you later okay."

"OK. My little man." Nicki just bust out in laughter over that comment.



"She is so proud of her little man." Nicki said pinching Drake's cheek.

"I don't get it why are both are moms concerned with grandchildren so bad."

"I don't know but they ain't getting none soon." With that being said Nicki hopped of Drake's lap and went to go get ready.